Product Specifications

  • Advanced rugged design
  • Voice messages
  • OLED display with superior brighness and temperature range
  • Stop and Go function
  • Compatibility, can work faster with other brands’ single and dual frequency receivers to do control surveying
  • Receiver Type: L1,C/A code ,with carrier phase smoothing
  • 12-channel,parallel tracking
  • 10-channel when tracking SBAS
  • Maximum 1Hz update rate and 1sec Reacquisition
  • 4GB internal memory
  • 5800mAh Li-ion battery with >24hrs working time and <6hrs charging time
  • Static horizontal accuracy of 5mm+1ppm and vertical accuracy of 10mm+1ppm
  • Single positioning accuracy of <2.5mm 95% confidence and 0.6mm 95%confidence when using DGPS
  • Operating distance of <=30km


Product Description

  • The A3 single frequency survey system performs high accuracy static and kinematic data collection for the land surveyor.
  • Trimble board BD970 (220 Channels)
  • RTK accuracy: Hz 10mm+1.0ppm, V 15mm+1.0ppm
  • Tilt correction: ±30 degree
  • Over 13 hours of working time
  • Compatible with: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou
  • IP67, Shock 2m pole drop