Available Options

  • AL120 20x
  • AL124 24x
  • AL128 28x
  • AL132 32x

Product Specifications

  • ±2.5/2.0/1.5/1.0mm Standard Deviation per 1km Double Run
  • 20x/24x/28x/32x Magnification
  • ≤0.6/0.8m Shortest Focusing Distance
  • 36/40mm Free Diameter of Objective
  • 100 Multiplication Constant
  • Horizontal circle graduation: 360°or 400gon
  • Image Erect & Air Damped Automatic Compensator
  • Applications: Land survey, Construction, engineering


Products Description

  • he AL100 Automatic Level is designed and built to provide performance with simplicity, whatever the application for engineering and construction projects and the installation of large machines.
  • Superior optics in terms of sharpness, contrast and range.
  • High Resolution Telescope: bright images and high resolving power enable clear targeting.
  • Image Erect, Flat and Dome Adoption(Base Plate)
  • Applications: Land survey, Construction, engineering