Product Specifications

  • 45mm objective aperture
  • 38x Magnification
  • 2.3m Field of view at 100m
  • 1.6m Shortest focus distance
  • 100 Multiplication factor
  • ±0.5mm* Standard deviation of 1km double run
  • 15’ Working range
  • 0.5’’ Setting accuracy and 2s Setting time
  • 10mm Parallel plate micrometer Range
  • 0.01mm Interval  Parallel plate micrometer
  • 0.1mm Estimation Parallel plate micrometer
  • 10’/2mm Sensitivity of circular level per 2mm run


Product Description

  • Model DS05 precision Level is adoptable for the second and third-order geodetic leveling of national networks; It can be used for engineering and deformation surveys, such as height control for engineering projects, deformation and subsidence measurements, checking bridges and structures, monitoring movements, etc. It is also used for general construction engineering and installation of large size machines.
  • Equipped with a press button for compensator checking
  • Designed for the highest accuracy in geodesy, engineering and industry.
  • DS05 are used in second and third order leveling and monitoring structural deformation, geodetic control, construction of roads and industrial applications etc.
  • Built-in parallel-plate micrometer and Pentaprism for easy viewing of circular level
  • Adopt crossing suspender frame and compensator of air damper