Available Options

  • EL-302A
  • EL-312A
  • EL-03


Product Specifications

  • 2-110m(EL03) and 2-105m(EL302A) Electronic measurement range and <2sec single measurement time
  • ± 0.3mm(EL03) and ± 0.7mm(EL302A)  Electronic measurement accuracy Standard deviation of 1km double run
  • ± 1.5mm Optical measurement accuracy Standard deviation of 1km double run
  • 0.1mm Height and 1mm distance display Resolution
  • 30x Magnification
  • 45mm objective aperture
  • 2.6m Field of view at 100m
  • 1m Minimum focus distance
  • 14’ working range
  • ± 0.3’’ (EL03) and ± 0.5’’(EL302A) Setting Accuracy
  • 8’/2mm circular vial sensitivity


Product Description

  • With features of faster and easier data capture and processing, digital level is accepted by more and more users; meanwhile it is becoming an important part in the FOIF product line
  • EL302A is equipped with alphanumeric keyboard and professional on-board program, it can be used for high precise leveling of flat and sloping surface, subsidence and deformation monitoring, establishing 2nd and 3rd leveling control networks
  • With feature of digital products, EL03/302A makes your JOB easily and faster, save you time. Press one button to get the height difference and save the data in the internal memory or SD card. Easy one-touch operation, simply push the red button.
  • Quick height and distance result – the reading is displayed almost instantly, Reliable and error-free reading, even in dim light conditions, quicker and easier than an optical level
  • On board program, height difference measurement between back sight and foresight and has internal memory for data storage, support SD card. On board program such as BF, BFFB, BFBF, FBBF, Stake out, intermediate.
  • 3,000 points internal memory, or SD card data storage and Supports USB and RS-232C ports for data transfer. Remote control measurement by Bluetooth (EL03 Only)