Available Options

  • EL-24
  • EL-28


Products Specifications

  • 2-80m Electronic measurement range and <2sec single measurement time
  • ± 1.5mm Electronic and Optical measurement accuracy Standard deviation of 1km double run
  • 1mm Height and 10mm distance display Resolution
  • 28x Magnification
  • 45mm objective aperture
  • 2.6m Field of view at 100m
  • 0.8m Minimum focus distance
  • 15’ working range
  • ± 0.4’’ Setting Accuracy
  • 8’/2mm circular vial sensitivity


Products Description

  • The El20 is designed with new code processing and auto leveling technology. Its outstanding features make it applicable for 3rd and 4th order leveling and construction measurement.
  • EL20 can replace tradition optical level with high quality but lower price. Easy one-touch operation with trigger key to get dH and HD displayed on screen almost instantly, you can enjoy survey work freely. Easy one-touch operation, simply push the trigger key
  • Quicker and easier than an optical level Efficiency increased by 30%, the battery could work more than one week, compact design
  • Quick height and distance result-the reading is displayed almost instantly with measurement and has advanced compensator checking button
  • On board program such as DH, Inverse staff measurement, Error checking and adjustment
  • Advance compensator checking button
  • EL20, it is lighter, portable and easy to use, high-quality with lower price, making it widely used for building construction, land cut/fill measurement, and 3rd and 4th order leveling, etc.