Available Options

  • LP402
  • LP402L
  • LP405
  • LP405L

Product Specifications

  • Minimum reading of 1’’,5’’ and 10’’
  • Angular accuracy of 2’’ and 5’’
  • Applications; Land surveying, Engineering,  checking angles, alignments, grade work and short range leveling


Products Description

  • LP400 series Laser Theodolite provides a visible laser beam that can be seen up to 150 meters away outside through eyepiece in day light. It has laser pointer brightness and focus adjustable
  • It can achieve measurement, calculating, display and memory etc. by means of computer technology
  • It can display measuring results of horizontal and vertical angle at the  same time
  • Vertical angle can switch to zenith angle or grade and so on
  • Dust and Rain proof, RS232 serial interface