Available Options

  • RTS-682
  • RTS-685
  • OTS-682
  • OTS-685

Product Specifications

  • 2′, 5” Angular accuracy
  • Range with prism: 3000m and 6,000 in long range
  • Non-prism range: 300m, 500m,1000m (optional)
  • Accuracy with prism: 1mm+1.5ppm
  • Non-prism accuracy: 3mm+3ppm
  • Dual axis Compensator
  • 128MB Internal Memory 16000 points,RS-232C, Bluetooth, SD card,
  • 32bit CPU Operating system
  • 19 hours Operating period
  • Inbuilt Automatic Temperature and Pressure Sensors


Product Description

  • Graphic LCD alphanumeric dual display keyboard,
  • Guide/Nav light
  • Dual axial compensator,
  • 128MB internal memory for up to 120,000 points
  • Supports direct data recording to SD card, easy transfer to PC via USB/RS-232C/Bluetooth,
  • Adjustable laser plummet,
  • Inbuilt temperature and pressure sensors
  • Can be used with a data collector, FOIF FieldGenius or third party drawing  software for complete job in the field.
  • It can be widely used for building setting out, road layout, topography survey and control survey, etc.
  • Bluetooth cable-free connection (factory optional)
  • RTOS and GUI platform
  • Password function for security
  • Applications:Construction, Surveying and Engineering, Data Collect, Set Out, Resection, Area and volume, Remote Elevation, Missing Line, Road, Stake out, 3D road design, Resection, REM, MLM, Point to line,Z-coordinate, Offset.