Available Options

  • Leica FlexLine TS02 plus 3”
  • Leica FlexLine TS02 plus 5”
  • Leica FlexLine TS02 plus 7”
  • Leica FlexLine TS02 plus R500 3”
  • Leica FlexLine TS02 plus R500 5”
  • Leica FlexLine TS02 plus R500 7”


Product Specifications

  • Accuracy: optional 3″, 5″, 7″
  • Method: Absolute, Continuous, Diametrical
  • Resolution Display: 0.1″
  • Compensation: Quadruple Axis
  • Accuracy – Compensator Setting: 1″, 1.5″, 2″
  • Round Prism – Range: 3500metres
  • Reflective Tape – Range: 250metres
  • Accuracy / Measurement time: 2 mm+2 ppm2 / typ. 3 s
  • Extended Internal memory: Max – 24000 fixpoints, Max – 13500 measurements
  • USB memory stick: Optional 1 Gb
  • Interfaces: Optional USB A and mini B, Bluetooth® Wireless


Product Description

The Leica Flexline TS02 is the perfect Total Station for standard measuring. Using standard application software it is designed for moderate accuracy applications and below. Transfer information wirelessly conveniently using Bluetooth technology to any data collector and process it using Leica SmartWorx Viva or other similar software.

The Leica FlexLine TS02 offers a selection of EDM options and is able to measure to both prisms and direct objects without the need for a reflector. It also comes with plug and play USB functionality enabling data transfer of files such as GSI, ASCII, CSV and more. The alpha numeric keyboard with number, letters and special characters allows for easy entry of data, minimising errors and enhancing productivity.

The Leica Flexline TS02 uses the Lithium-Ion batteries which give long life, fast charging and operation times of 20hours. The Flexline is protected to IP55 specification and is water and dust protected.

The Leica Flexline TS02 is easy to setup using a laser plummet with a guided process and start-up sequence. The ergonomic key layout and large display provides error-free data input and makes operation simple.

The ideal Total Station for standard measurement tasks. Designed especially for mid-to-low accuracy applications. It comes complete with a standard set of application software that guide you through your daily work. If more convenient, use Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect any data collector, e.g. the Leica CS10/15. Use SmartWorx Viva or the software which best suits your task and familiarity.

Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM):

  • Prism: 3500m, 1mm accuracy
  • Non-Prism: 30m FlexPoint (option)
  • FlexField on-board software and FlexOffice Software offer a broad range of functionality to cover all tasks. Benefit from simplicity and functionality in one solution.