Available Options

  • Leica Viva TS12P R400 – 2” Package
  • Leica Viva TS12P R400 – 3” Package
  • Leica Viva TS12P R400 – 7” Package
  • Leica Viva TS12P R1000 – 2” Package
  • Leica Viva TS12P R1000 – 3” Package
  • Leica Viva TS12P R1000 – 7” Package


Product Specifications

  • Leica Viva TS12 Robotic Total Station: Find, lock and measure points to prisms with a single key press. With the unique PowerSearch sensor any prism type is found within seconds regardless of the location.
  • Leica Viva CS10 Radio Field Controller: The light weight CS10 field controller offers long range wireless connectivity to the TS12. This package solution is targeted at one person surveying and includes a Leica GRZ4 360° prism and a light weight pole.
  • Leica SmartWorx Viva LT for Simplicity in the Field: SmartWorx Viva LT is designed with simplicity in mind using clear graphics, logical menu structures, non-technical terminology to simplify workflows.


Product Description

The Leica Viva TS12 is a robotic surveying package which will find, lock and measure up to 1000m with a single key press. PowerSearch sensor will find any prism type within seconds, locking on to a 360° prism up to 300m (lock to 600m). Connectivity to the TS12 is provided by the Leica CS10 radio field controller, offering long range, secure and fast wireless data transfer.

Using SmartWorx Viva LT the CS10 uses touch screen technology and function keys to collect data transmitted from the TS12. Data is stored to the internal memory, SD or CF-card in the controller.

The TS12 is powered by a Lithium Ion battery which will give 5 – 8 hours of use in the field.  Working in a range of -20°C to +50°C, the unit is sealed to IP54 standards.  Weight of total station: 4.8-5.5kg.