Available Options

  • R9s
  • R9sN
  • R9sT

Product Specifications

  • Satellite Signals: GPS L1, L2  L5. BDS – B1, B2, GLONASS L1, L2 L3, Galileo E1 E1 E1, E5
  • 220 channels
  • Autonomous Accuracy: 1.2m
  • SBAS: 0.5m & DGPS: 0.25m
  • RTK: 0.008m (Base line<30Km)
  • Maximum update rate: 50Hz
  • 806MHz processor
  • 1GB ROM & 256MB RAM
  • 5MP Camera

Product Description

  • Windows Mobile 6.X Operating System
  • Trimble BD920/930 Board, 220 Channels
  • Compatible with FieldGenius/SurvCE
  • Unique technologies make the built-in antenna stable and reliable
  • Customized centering holder, 2-3cm accuracy is achieved without cables
  • Dual battery supply (9300mAhx2)
  • CASIO 3.7” Sunlight readable display touch screen
  • R9 is an all-in-one GNSS Dual-frequency mapping system that incorporates high-accuracy capabilities into a single, small handheld device.
  • R9 enables users to easily achieve sub-decimeter GIS application, only with this one unit getting access to a real-time network through the internal GSM/WCDMA modem. Furthermore, 2-3cm accuracy RTK application can also be carried out just by mounting a centering holder.
  • R9 comes ready to work with application possibilities ranging from power, agriculture and geological industries to forestry, field service and GIS/Surveying.