Available Options

  • T9-U1
  • T9-U2
  • T9-U3
  • T9-T1
  • T9-T2
  • T9-T3
  • T9-H1

Product Specifications

  • Satellite Signals: GPS L1, GLONASS G1,BDS B1, GALILEO E1
  • 220 Channels
  • Time to First Fix: <45s
  • Maximum update rate: <=20Hz
  • Autonomous: 12.m
  • SBAS: 0.5m & DGPS: 0.25m
  • RTK: 0.8cm+1ppm
  • Communication via bluetooth to Android / Windows Mobile / iOS
  • Supports Field Genius on windows mobile device or T9 GIS Software on android store


Product Description

  • The T9 is a wearable high precision positioning product with optional sub meter and centimeter level accuracy. Its stylish industrial design is light and strong and can respond to a variety of harsh field operating conditions.
  • The battery is replaceable, which satisfies the demand for a long work day. The T9 is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile operating systems, Bluetooth, Serial COM Ports, various types of tablet PC computers and smart phones.
  • Intelligent terminals allow the T9 to provide high-precision positioning data. It can be used in an variety of applications such as electric power inspection, forestry, surveying, pipeline inspection, geological surveying, terriorial law enforcement and¬†other fields which require a high level of precision.