Available Options

  • AL-M24
  • AL-M28
  • AL-M32

Product Specification

  • 24x/28x/32x Magnification
  • ±2mm/1.5/0.7mm Standard Deviation per 1km Double Run
  • ≤0.3m Shortest Focusing Distance
  • 103mm Horizontal Circle Diameter
  • Image Erect & Magnetic Damped Automatic Compensator
  • Applications: Land survey, Construction, engineering


Product Description

  • Magnetically damped compensator that supports accurate instrument leveling
  • High resolution telescope for quick and clear target sighting
  • Designed and developed for best performance in various civil engineering and construction projects
  • Comes in 24x, 28x or 32x magnification
  • Also available with a micrometer