Available Options

  • AP-224
  • AP-228
  • AP-230

Product Specifications

  • 24x/28x/30x Magnification
  • ±2/1.5mm Standard Deviation per 1km Double Run
  • ≤0.3m Shortest Focusing Distance
  • 30mm Objective Diameter
  • Image Erect & Magnetic Damped Automatic Compensator
  • Applications: Land survey, Construction, engineering

Products Description

  • A perfect entry level, Easy in use
  • Very short focusing distance: 0.3 m
  • Optimal for close range work
  • Robust construction: metal top cover
  • Weather and dust resistance: IP55
  • Magnetic damped automatic compensator for rapid and accurate results
  • Available in 24, 28x and 30x magnification
  • The AP230 Automatic Level is Optimal for close range work, Robust construction: Metal top cover, An easy-to-read horizontal circle and Magnetic damped automatic compensator for rapid and accurate results.
  • Simple, accurate, optimal for use in:  General Building and Construction, Civil engineering,Landscaping and Agricultural engineering