Available Options

  • ETH-502
  • ETH-505
  • ETH-510
  • ETH-520

Product Specifications

  • Easy to read-display: a large display (lcd) is incorporated on both sides of the instrument. Both vertical and horizontal angles are displayed in degrees or gon.
  • Easy key operation: a row of soft keys allows simple and fast operation.
  • Display resolution of less than 3’’
  • Angular accuracy of 2’’ and 5’’
  • Applications: engineering and land surveying, setting out right angles and checking plumb, alignment measurements, anchor bolt layout, 90° layout


Products Description

  • Compact and portable electronic theodolites designer for face-off use easy-to-read-display
  • Easy to use: lightweight and compact, the basic instrument weighs only 4.5 kg, easy to read-display, zero set and reverse angle display, powered by alkaline batteries
  • Automatic power-off function: automatic power-off prevents unnecessary battery drainage. The remaining battery capacity is indicated on the display.
  • Angle measurement and angle control: clockwise and counter-clockwise angle measurement, conversion of the vertical angle to a percentage grade, zero setting of the horizontal angle at any position, horizontal angle ‘hold key function
  • Bright optics: all the models have a bright 30x magnification telescope which ensures sharp and clear images even in poor light conditions. built for the construction site