Available Options

  • R-1501N
  • R-1502N
  • R-1503N
  • R-1505N

Product Specifications

  • 2’’, 5’’ Angular accuracy
  • Non-prism range: 500m
  • Single prism range: 4,000m
  • Triple prism range: 9,999m
  • 2+2ppm prism accuracy
  • 2+2ppm Non-prism accuracy
  • Dual Axial Compensation
  • Visible Laser plummet, Date clock and Laser pointer
  • Data storage: 60,000 points internal and 2GB SD card
  • Interface: RS-232C, SD CARD, USB mini, Bluetooth (class2)
  • Hot swap batteries with operation period of 15hrs


Product Description

  • Long EDM range measuring distance in reflectorless up to 500m and in prism mode up to 3,000m
  • Large internal memory: 60000 points.
  • Dual display as a standard equipment
  • Easy transfer to a PC  via SD card, USB mini and RS-232C data port
  • Pre-loaded versatile software functions
  • Dual battery system  for long time use
  • Graphic LCD / 20 characters x 8 lines / 240 x 96 pixels Display
  • IP55 Dust to water protection
  • Li-ion Hot swap batteries
  • Measuring Method: Absolute rotary encoder
  • Detection Method: Vertical / Horizontal angle
  • Minimum Count: 1” / 5”
  • 30 x Magnification, 1°20’ Field of View and 1.0m Minimum Focus
  • Applications: Construction, surveying, station set up and measurements, Free stations, Stakeouts, GOGO calculations, Remote Elevation Measurement (REM), Remote Distance Measurement (RDM), Virtual Plane Measurement( VPM), Traverse, Area calculations, 3Dsurface and volume calculations