Available Options

  • R-2801N
  • R-2802N
  • R-2803N
  • R-2805N

Product Specifications

  • 1” ,2”, 3” and 5” Angular accuracy
  • Range with prism: 5,000m
  • Non-prism range: 800m
  • Accuracy with prism: 2+2ppm
  • Non-prism accuracy: 3+2ppm
  • Compensator: Dual axial
  • Data storage and Interface: 2GB,60,000 point, RS-232C, SD CARD, USB, Bluetooth
  • Power Topo Express Function


Product Description

  • Dual display, Easy transfer to a PC via SD card, USB mini and RS-232C data port
  • Pre-loaded versatile software functions
  • Dual battery system for long time use
  • Bluetooth class 1 long link: 100 m
  • Absolute rotary encoder Angle measurement Measuring method
  • Vertical / Horizontal angle Detection method
  • Laser Plummet
  • Internal Memory,Coordinates data 60.000 points storage and on-board PowerTopoLite software
  • RS-232C, SD CARD, USB, Bluetooth Interface
  • Applications: station set up and measurements, Free stations, Stakeouts, GOGO calculations, Remote Elevation Measurement (REM), Remote Distance Measurement (RDM), Virtual Plane Measurement( VPM), Traverse, Area calculations, 3Dsurface and volume calculations.