Product Specifications

  • The 3-D Pentax Scanning System S-3080 has been designed with ease of handling, flexibility and intelligent control in mind.
  • The scanner provides highly accurate data. The data is captured at high speed. The acquisition rate of the imager 5006h is at top performance 1.016 million pixel / sec.
  • The laser scanner includes a minimum of 60gB storage capacity. This provides sufficient disk space to allow very intensive scanning over several days.
  • The scanner follows a “stand – alone” concept featuring an integrated control panel, a changeable and rechargeable battery, internal hard disk and W-LAN access.
  • Connections for USB-drives are also provided, as well as for an additional power supply and Ethernet. The instrument also includes an electronic tilt sensor, to detect movements during a scan.
  • For external operation, the Scanning System S-3080 is equipped with W-LAN and Ethernet-interface. A mobile device or notebook/PC can therefore be used to operate the scanner from a distance if required.
  • The user can control the Scanning System S-3080 by ‘scan over IP ‘via a browser.


Product Description

  • Cultural Heritage: The PENTAX Scanning System sets an impressive record in this field because of its contact-free, and above all rapid measuring ability. This reduces costs tremendously in comparison to traditional measurement systems. The optional M-Cam enables the whole point cloud to be colored, which gives a photo realistic impression of a scan with a high level of detail. The low noise level means that despite long distances, a very high data quality and scan resolution can be achieved and even small details can be captured.
  • Insurance: The high resolution allows the S-3080 to “freeze” scenes rapidly for later analysis and in extraordinary quality. In this case, the data serves mainly for preserving evidence and documenting damage. This leads to great time savings for accident reconstruction and many other insurance purposes.
  • Forensic Science: The decisive advantage of the PENTAX Scanning System in forensics is the immense speed. The crime scene can be documented holistically without interfering with the running investigation. The optional M-Cam provides color information in order to create a photo realistic image of the scene. The high resolution enables to capture even inconspicuous details being preserved as evidence.
  • Industry: The PENTAX Scanning System’s extreme speed reduces down times of industrial plants to a minimum. The high level of detail facilitates modeling of extraordinary accuracy. This enables a subsequent comparison between the revamp design and the as-built site. Another advantage is that the scanner can operate in a temperature range of -10 °C to +45 °C