Product Specifications

  • The new PENTAX Scanning System S-3180V is highly precise, reliable and flexible. These improvements can be appreciated in your daily work.
  • The technical specifications of the S-3180V set new standards in the field of 3D laser scanning. Its enormous scanning speed, extended range of 187 m and low weight make it the perfect choice for countless applications.
  • Meeting laser class 1 requirements, the S-3180V can be used without restriction in almost any environment. This makes the scanner an interesting option from heritage even to busy environment applications.
  • Due to the laser scanner’s low weight and unique stand-alone concept, it can also be employed in areas difficult to access like industrial plants or forests. Having the protection class IP 53 means that the device is protected against splash water and dust.
  • The extremely fast scanner makes it possible to work efficiently on-site. Scans can be completed in very short time, depending on the requirements.
  • At the scene of an accident, for example, all the relevant data can be gathered very quickly without interrupting the work of the police or rescue teams. Downtimes of production plants can similarly be reduced to a minimum.
  • The S-3180V can also take color images without any set-up times.
  • Data communication  1gB Ethernet/W-LAN, Internal storage 64GB flash card, 2 x 32 GB USB external flash drive
  • Integrated control panel  Touch screen with color display for browsing scan data and color pictures, with measuring and navigation functions
  • Interfaces 2 x USB, LEMO 9-pin und LEMO 7-pin connections for M-cam and external sensors like GPS, odometer, etc.


Product Descriptions

  • Insurance: The high resolution allows the S-3180V to “freeze” scenes rapidly for later analysis and in extraordinary quality. In this case, the data serves mainly for preserving evidence and documenting damage. This leads to great time savings for accident reconstruction and many other insurance purposes.
  • Industry: S-3180V extreme speed reduces downtime of industrial plants to a minimum. The high level of detail facilitates modeling of extraordinary accuracy. This enables a subsequent comparison between the revamp design and the as-built site. The scanner can also operate in a temperature range of -10 °C to +45 °C.
  • Archaeology: The S-3180V is the perfect choice on archaeological sites. Large areas can be mapped with only one or two scans, resulting in detailed three-dimensional true-scale models. The integrated i-Cam can be used to capture color information. Compared to conventional methods, much time can be saved. Unrivaled levels of precision can be achieved.
  •  Cultural Heritage: The PENTAX Scanning System sets an impressive record in this field because of its contact-free, and above all rapid measuring ability. This reduces costs tremendously in comparison to traditional measurement systems. the integrated i-Cam enables the whole point cloud to be colored, which gives a photorealistic impression of a scan with a high level of detail.
  •  Architecture: The 3D phase based laser scanner S-3180V enables a detailed condition and damage assessment of the current status of a building or complex structure and its surroundings. From the 3D data it is easy to create 2D floor plans or views of the object to plan building or conversion projects.
  •  Forensic Science: The decisive advantage of the S-3180V in forensics is the immense speed. The crime scene can be documented holistically without interfering with the running investigation. The high resolution enables to capture even inconspicuous details being preserved as evidence