Available Options

  • W-2801N
  • W-2802N
  • W-2803N
  • W-2805N


Product Specifications

  • 1” ,2”, 3” and 5” Angular accuracy
  • Range with prism: 5,000m
  • Non-prism range: 800m
  • Accuracy with prism: 2+2ppm
  • Non-prism accuracy: 3+2ppm
  • Compensator: Dual axial
  • Data storage and Interface: 2GB, 60,000 point, RS-232C, SD CARD, USB, Bluetooth
  • Power Topo Express Function
  • Windows CE 7.0 Operating system


Product Description

  • 3.5″ Display with touch screen
  • Easy transfer to PC via USB mini, RS-232C data port and USB Flash Drive
  • Bluetooth class 2
  • Laser plummet  centering, Focus modes( Manual), Auto-Atmospheric Correction function
  • Absolute rotary encoder Angle measurement Measuring method
  • Vertical / Horizontal angle Detection method, Laser Plummet
  • Applications:Construction, surveying, station set up and measurements, industrial applications, free station, stake out, reference line/Arc, Area calculation, Tie distance, Height transfers, Inaccessible points, station set up and measurements, Free stations, Stakeouts, GOGO calculations, Remote Elevation Measurement (REM), Remote Distance Measurement (RDM), Virtual Plane Measurement(VPM), Traverse, Area calculations, 3Dsurface and volume calculations. Final Topo drawing can completed in the field using CAD field and engineering software including Power Topo CE, Carlson SurvCE and Microsurvey Field Genius amongst others.